• Erica Caine

    Erica Caine

    5'6.5" 117lbs, 34DD-21-32, she is extremly beautiful, she looks to be around 19 or twenty years old due to her regeneration. Long black silky hair. Pale complexion
  • Hannah Whitestar

    Hannah Whitestar

    117 lbs, 5'6" 35D-22-33, Caucasian/American-Indian Dark brown hair, in perfect physical condition she is extremly beautiful, she looks to be around 19 or twenty years old
  • Jamie Fawn

    Jamie Fawn

    Very Beautiful In perfect physical condition, 121 lbs, 5'8, looks to be in her mid twenties, Blond silky hair, White Caucasian
  • Jessica Vorhis

    Jessica Vorhis

    In perfect physical condition, 114lbs 5'6, 36DD-23-34, she is extremly beautiful, she looks to be around 19 or twenty years old due to her regeneration. Light brown hair, Latin look.
  • Tiffany Vandamar

    Tiffany Vandamar

    In perfect physical condition, 115 lbs 5'6 34C-20-32, Extremely Beautiful seems to be about 19, she looks to be Caucasin, American, Long Silky brown hair.
  • Adam Crane

    Adam Crane

    Also called Sonic Boom, he is fast very fast and head of Athletics Club
  • Akiro Fuchama

    Akiro Fuchama

    Japanese man in black, often in sun glasses, carrying two guns with deadly accuracy.
  • Albert Prescott

    Albert Prescott

    Young and Athletic, he is also very brainy.
  • Anika Zapta

    Anika Zapta

    Goth Punk girl, jittery as if on drugs. She looks she gives a rat ass what you think.
  • Beatrice Smith

    Beatrice Smith

    Dark hair, young The hottest of the quirky Library club. Valley girl Witch.
  • Betty Fulmer

    Betty Fulmer

    Hot Punk Girl, she gives you a smirk as if she knows your secrets.
  • Biela Amarta

    Biela Amarta

    Young thin and beautiful, she can be where you least expect her.
  • Brutus Becker

    Brutus Becker

    Dangerous and Brutal just like his name.
  • Dark Spirit

    Dark Spirit

    Young woman with strange tattoos and penetrating eyes
  • David J. Lessar

    David J. Lessar

    Driven and Ambitious, yet willing to lend an ear.
  • David Matthews

    David Matthews

    Handsome, debonair, he takes a beating, but looks like nothing happened.
  • Director James Halliburton

    Director James Halliburton

    Blond, older gentleman with a kind smile. He oozes personality and drive.
  • Douglas Taito

    Douglas Taito

    Good Looking, Willful and ready to rumble.
  • Dr Amer Khan

    Dr Amer Khan

    Wild Eyed Crazy look, Likes to talk a lot.
  • Dr Cadimum

    Dr Cadimum

    Dark Hair, Penetrating hard gaze
  • Dr. Amanda Wellington

    Dr. Amanda Wellington

    Tall, long legs, and voluptuous. Long Black hair, in perfect physical condition she is extremely beautiful, she looks to be in her mid twenties
  • Fiona Mical

    Fiona Mical

    Blond, Scottish, young strange, into the Supernatural
  • Gwendolyn Vassar

    Gwendolyn Vassar

    Punkish preppy Witch, strange quirky and into the Supernatural. Also very hot.
  • Henry Vilmer

    Henry Vilmer

    Carrying books, a nerd or an accountant, definitely German
  • Iron Fist

    Iron Fist

    Angry young man with a chip on his shoulder
  • Jen Hancock

    Jen Hancock

    Ginger who is quick, wears leathers and is British, is she working for Mother?
  • John Smith

    John Smith

    Handsome Preppy young man, with a medieval war hammer on his back?
  • Kadone Suziki

    Kadone Suziki

    Prim and proper, her glasses and demeanor cant hide that katana she has at her back.
  • Mahil Tama

    Mahil Tama

    Handsome, Asian and of course highly intelligent
  • Mai Chung

    Mai Chung

    Beautiful Asian woman in white, she walks with grace and power.
  • Martan Kore

    Martan Kore

    Mysterious and a creature that seems to be quite deadly
  • Milo Samanuel

    Milo Samanuel

    Handsome, classic, suave, even in the face a firestorm his hair is never out of place.
  • Ninjettes


    A trio of deadly girls that seem to be together
  • Pierre Troudou

    Pierre Troudou

    Young but looks older, has the look he is going to kill you for wasting his time.
  • Rebecca Huxhold

    Rebecca Huxhold

    Beautiful woman with a whip, need I say more?
  • Ronnie Williams

    Ronnie Williams

    Thin young freckled ginger awkard teen with awesome humor
  • Samuel Strom

    Samuel Strom

    Hot young bad boy in leather, what girl isn't in love with him?
  • Saya Calista

    Saya Calista

    Thin, Beautiful, dark haired young woman
  • Sensai Black

    Sensai Black

    Hiding in the Shadows, or partially seen, who Black is or what is uncertain.
  • Sensai Jacqyln

    Sensai Jacqyln

    Red hair that floats around her, she has that eerie sensual look.
  • Sensai Komordo

    Sensai Komordo

    Muscled Hunk who can force the toughest to obey
  • Sensai Shufi

    Sensai Shufi

    He walks like solider, and talks like soldier, he is obviously a soldier
  • Sensai White

    Sensai White

    Totally Hot Cowgirl with a Whip.
  • Shio Hagansaki

    Shio Hagansaki

    Quiet and stays in the background, he is however giving his team direction, you just don't know it.
  • Spider Silk

    Spider Silk

    Asian girl that has a disturbing smile and a murderous glint