Hannah Whitestar

117 lbs, 5'6" 35D-22-33, Caucasian/American-Indian Dark brown hair, in perfect physical condition she is extremly beautiful, she looks to be around 19 or twenty years old


Name: Hannah Whitestar-Svava
Code Name: Quantum
Gender: Female
Occupation: Actress/Covert Agent
Age: 19? 23?
Height : 5’6
Weight: 117
Eyes : Brown
Skin: Tan
Hair: Dark brown


Official Record Not Verified

Born on Quechan Indian reservation California July 20th, 1964

  • Father Unknown
    *Mother Kayuka WhiteStar: Deceased 1965
    Living Relative: Raised by Kayuka’s Brother Lee Whitestar, on reservation.
    Attended the Phoenix Indian School in Ft. Yuma, Arizona
    Left reservation in 1982 with full scholarship to University of Nevada Las Vegas
    University of Nevada Las Vegas
    Major: Theater Stage & Screen Acting, Minor: Computer Sciences & Music Performance.
    Moved to Los Angeles in 1986
    Over a dozen Waitress jobs in LA none longer than a few weeks.
    Moved to Tokyo, Japan in December 18th, 1987

Like all of her kind she has the following capabilities:
Empathic awareness/sense/ability
Increased Speed
Environmental Resistance (heat, cold resistance unknown what other effects she can resist)

She has the following abilities that have been tested or discovered.
1.) Nails that harden at will at can cut through steel
2.) Teleportation Can teleport
The target area material is moved back as you move to that location, ie air is moved back to the location you were at.
3.) Teleport others

Hannah Whitestar

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