Tiffany Vandamar

In perfect physical condition, 115 lbs 5'6 34C-20-32, Extremely Beautiful seems to be about 19, she looks to be Caucasin, American, Long Silky brown hair.


Name: Skogul-Tiffany Vandamar
Code Name: Mirage
Gender: Female
Occupation: Cat Burgler/Agent/Escort
Age: 19? 23?
Height : 5’6
Weight: 115
Eyes : Brown
Skin: Pale
Hair: Brown


Official Record Not Verified:

Born in August 11th, 1965 Las Vegas Sunrise Hospital, [Warning Age Discrepancy]

  • Father: Larry Neumann[Currently serving Life in Prison for Murder and Racketering] no acknowledgement of child.
  • Mother: Janice Vandamar, works in Las Vegas Revue as a costumer.

Attended High School: Las Vegas High School 1979-1982
College: University of Nevada Las Vegas, Attended 1982 to 1986
Major: Fine Arts
Minor: Physics & Music Performance
Moved to Los Angeles in 1986
Moved to Tokyo, Japan December 18th 1987

Closed File:
Brought in for Solicitation in September 23rd, 1983 no charges filed
Brought in for Solicitation in February 5th, 1984 no charges filed
Brought in for Burglery in October 28th, 1985 no charges filed

Like all of her kind she has the following capabilities:
Emphatic awareness/sense/ability
Increased Speed
Environmental Resistance (heat,cold resistance unknown what other effects she can resist)

She has the following abilities that have been tested or discovered.
1.) Highly Accurate
2.) Psychic Defense shield that can extend out from her.
3.) Mental attack that can cause confusion, stunning effect of some kind.
4.) Psychic Illusion that can fully manifest into reality. Full capability not fully understood.
5.) Invisibility
6.) Fast, can run about 78 mph.
7.) Psychic bond. Can create a bond with someone she touches and see through their senses.

Tiffany Vandamar

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